Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How cheap hosting can be the flimsy backbone of your online business

In the many areas that affect the performance of a website every experienced web developer will agree that the most deciding is the hosting. Yes, the website design and content are important. But George Orwell working together with worlds best designer cannot do anything if the websites takes more than 6 seconds to load; probably 3 seconds should be too long.

So a slick and reliable web server can be rightly termed as the backbone of a successful website. But most of the major league hosting servers keep their prices unreasonably high and using their market position to drive that price. A provider who can host at a much lesser price is stamped cheap hosting. And truly there are providers who are run substandard services at a cheap price. But this approach can fail to exclude the ones with quality services. The lesser prices could actually be reflecting a better-just costs-margin model or the prices could be just periodically discounted. In both cases going by simply the pricing is a mass misinterpretation of the whole business who want to levy a premium margin. Here are some tips which can be easy throw light into the obscurity. A cheap web hosting can effectively save a large amount of funds with the hosting accounts.

1. Server capability:- A large number of wannabe services can be tailored with a large number of outdated servers stacked and connected together to be acting as one...These are positively unpredictable with wavering performance. These kind of servers can test the patience of both the website owners and sellers.

2. Hosting support:- An intelligible support from the server side basic requirement for a quality hosting. In some cases this may be needed to add a plug-ins or to enhance the server dynamics with your website. All of these needs IT experts who are capable of handling these requirements without necessities.

3. Hosting as a Commodity :- Another case of dubious hosting ethics by having attractively low initial prices. But these prices can steeply rise on a short notice. This demands to look at charges for further up gradations which may occur in near future. If the hosting demands you to shell out more than what you saved then obviously it becomes a bad choice.

So choosing the reliable hosting servers among similarly priced hosts is not a challenge. But it can become a greatly simplified with us @

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