Thursday, 20 February 2014

Why do your Business needs much more than a Free Hosting Platform

With the rapid digitization of marketplace at the years 2012 and 2013, today the Indian e-commerce space can be considered some-what matured. Today the internet market runs on a clear hierarchy with industrial leaders across the segments, with the lesser players playing the caching-up part. Much of the later stratum consists of SMB's who are traditional businessmen, trying to build their online-portfolio. But the lion's share of these companies have been unable to create visitor-commitment or subjective marketing reach. Most of these businesses have survived and blossomed with similar or tougher competition at their local market. Along with the lack of knowledge about the technical and marketing aspects of Internet, the tendency to go with a free hosting is a also a prime suspect for the dismal show.

Lesser Responsibility

With the choice of free hosting, thw whole customer-client equation takes a head turn; Now the hosting provider has no responsibility to be answerable your queries or be precious about your website. Most of the free hosting, has non-existent technical support and outdated systems. As a matter of fact most of the free hosting comes from previously substandard paid service, who has subsidized their hosting through ad networks. This brings us to your next point. Especially a small scale buisiness owner, should always choose a host who can ably share and support a web host.

Ads Rule the Free-network

If your  hosting company takes no money from you , the questions is how does it generate a viable revenue stream. The free hosting usually provides no choice for opting or modifying the hosting ads. And damagingly most of these ad's pries on your incoming customers or provides immoral ads that damages your hosting customers.

Websites taken off-air

Here comes one of the most misunderstood terms of the free nature of web hosting. Most of the companies usually gives free initial host, demands money after 2 months. If you fail to pay-up, your website can end-up abruptly plugged-out. this is essentially nothing more than a technique to attract new customers, rather than providing an alternate buisiness model.

Rudest customer Support

It goes without saying that the hosting businesses has some of the most rudest customer service executives on the planet. Most of them rule the free hosting landscape. You can consider yourself lucky if you get an answer to your mail or gets replied on your phone. Needless to say they are always useless.

Here are some of the reasons why your buisiness needs much more than free hosting. Get your cloud hosting with us @

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