Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to decide whether your Hosting services are too Cheap or too Costly

If you are a website owner with a serious traffic this is one of the pressing questions that you encounter; Are you paying too much or too little for your website hosting ? Are providing a convincingly satisfactory user experience for customers or are you indulging on a non-spending browser? Although seemingly the web hosting expenditure is not big enough to be consequential, it adds with each visitor and clicks. With Comparison the web development is a single investment over a long period of time-period. Today a normal website owner can spend anywhere between 20% to 50% of his total digital budget, unless he is not spending too heavily on digital marketing. Here the problem of a common business owner can be generally set out in this way - too much information but too little actionable insight. So given below are the few methods which could enable you to amp-up or lower down your Hosting expenditures?

Cloud Hosting is Intentionally Pricy

An international cloud provider has the luxury of defining their target customers and pricing to the maximum limits. They also customizing their services according to their target audience requirement.
By definition cloud demands a larger infrastructure and higher manpower requirement for each byte of data send and acquired. Needless to say, this is not often tailor made for the small business requirements.

Paying for Propitiatory Software's

Are your hosting provider asking you to use their pay-to use Propitiatory Software's instead of the free or marginal cost open-source software's. More often than not this is just another case of indirect charging and needs to be handled as such.

Don't Turn towards Free hosting Providers

If you take time and do a short web research, you can find that most of the cheating and false-accountancy takes place around free hosting providers. These includes hide-in charges at indispensable portion of the website development such as CMS installation, content addition, delivering client information to spammers etc....Most of the clients ends-up paying even more than a normal hosting when they go with an cheap web hosting service. If your host is providing you free service or possibly bordering on free-costs, standing on a purely business perspective you could be hosting with one of these servers.

Indiscriminate Expenditure on System Hardware

Are you spending indiscriminately on the system hardware? With the indiscriminate spending means spending on resources that you may rarely need. It can also come from over-subscribing when you are facing a slump in traffic. Taking a more conservative approach with the resource routing and allocation can be a difference maker at your budget.

If your hosting account includes any of these, it point towards a much more focused and efficient hosting business. Get the hosting server that delivers your requirement at door-step, host with us @

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