Friday, 7 March 2014

Why does your web server frequently goes down and How to Prevent it

Today the Internet is bewitched with its uncountable number of websites, and with the ever-more conglomeration of different hosting websites. And most of them offers ultra-cheap rates, convinces that you are with one the best hosting servers at the market; All this until your websites starts frequently going down, has no claim on steady incoming traffic etc...At these situations the normal calls you to be  significantly budget constrained,you may even decide to close the curtains of your Internet-business needs to its untimely end. Having seen the darkness at its eyes, now you can save your internet prospects from these terrible prospects, by simply following this checklist.

Is your Up-time good Enough

No, up-time is good enough until its 99.99% or higher. Although invariably all the service provider are offering this guarantee, but the hosts who meets it in practice is becoming little. It may be a good idea to check on the other hosting websites at arbitrate intervals before signing the final pact. Apart from being a great hosting parameter it also serves as a benchmark factor for all the related features.

Does the server have good networking Efficiency

At reality, checking the up-time is not as simple as that...(although its a fairly standardized and realistically possible). But the up-time is a result of the server-network efficiency, that makes your websites accessible across your target audience. This data is accessible through filtering your analytic account or employing a 3rd pary analytic tool.

Cheap at hosting Could be Toxic

Today the SMB community is deeply committed to the concept of cheap hosting. The hosting is becoming more costly on a day-to-day basis. Along with the everyday increase of websites, increase in traffic, rising power and infrastructure costs forces a heavy financial commitment from the hosts. Under these conditions a cheaper host can only balance the equation through their service quality. Invariably this leads to server overload, technical support deficiency, bandwidth constrictions etc...

Nothing too Trivial to Care...

A significant portion of the loading errors and speed problems  are caused not due to the server side problem but due to website coding errors or embedding oversized images. A falsely coded grid system can invoke multiple pages simultaneously leading to large scale bandwidth and computing wastage. This can also slow-down your website at a significant measure. It goes without saying that no details is too trivial at a normal web development. If you are custom developing a website, ensure that only skilled hands tread upon your website.

Today the web-environment continues to be self-contradicting industry, with experts-at-oppose, as to which is good for your website. Be on the safe side- Always follow your solid research with realistic assessment about each particular host and its environment. Start your hosting with us @

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