Monday, 7 April 2014

Is your Data Secure with your Web Hosting Provider?

Yes, you have started your web hosting company With some advertising and search programs you have build-up enough traffic to run your business. Now the important question arises about the security of  users visiting your website. If you are looking for a cheap server, the chances of ending up with a client who is seldom bothered about your security comes as irrevocable. At hindsight, the security of your hosting providers comes across as one of the most important factor. So is your data secure enough with your web hosting client. Here we examine...

Data server attacks

The data on your severs are never safe. They are always under constant attacks from the ever burgeoning list of hackers across the globe. If you are using confidential data on your websites, ensure that they are assuredly secure from the data thief’s. If your data is once compromised, it spreads over internet, making it a general staple. So the process of leaking on your data is the only way to make it secure.

Does your web host compromise your data

Most of the cheaper hosting companies have a history of once compromising or is actively making your data come under attack. This alone is the reasons for not opting for a hosting coming under the cheap bracket. If your web host server is not secure, it takes paramount importance to always keep your data under constant subservience.

Server-overloading Attack

One of the most common attacks on the server side comes at the form of bot-attack, referring to the idle computers network to attack these systems. It takes constant monitoring system and clear-IP tracking to avert these attacks. Needless to say, the cheap hosting provider are most frequently on the list of these attacks.

Server Security Measures

A data sever can be subjected to security threats from various quarters. It comes under the responsibility of a server to make it immune to networking and personal attack threats. A hosting companies in India provider with due technological back-up, will resultingly make it efforts at the same directions.

Using External C panel and plug-ins

The process of using non-trusted external plug-ins are one of the most frequent reasons for security breaches. If your Website Hosting client can give a collection of above characteristics, it can drive up the website interaction and traffic.

All these points to the need for having a trusted and reliable web hosting. Get your hosting with us @

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