Thursday, 3 April 2014

Why a Total Web Hosting Package is better than Combining Different Providers

With the digital marketing becoming more complex and intricate, the process of web hosting is not simple as it once were! Today a hosting provider is not expected to provide great server performance, but the associated services have attained similar significance. A good web host needs to provide a combination of elements, where each factor can meet high-performance criteria. Here we lists the important of the various host factors, and why they are important!

Domain name and Hosting

These two are the most basic but critical factors concerning a website. But at my own experience, website owners tend to forget renew  their domain name while renewing their hosting companies and vice-versa. Both can result at a catastrophe in your website. A combined package enables you to upgrade, update and deliver your website with minimum of inbuilt factors.

Latency in High Traffic Situation

The true quality of a hosting server is calculated on a time of high traffic. The server and communicate line latency is a common reasons for errors along with bandwidth throttling issues for viral websites. A better architecture and understanding between elements can give a higher performance.

Availability of In-house Free Tools

A successful web host offers different tools for managing and monitoring the server performance. With a control panel you can install different blogs and forums, monitor the incoming traffic, analyze the peak performance etc...A free website builder can let you analyze and tweak your existing website for optimum performance.

More in-depth technical support

The level of technical support you can expect can be directly co-related with the amount of input. If you choose to build your website with a single company, it can have a more comprehensive and in-depth data about your web stats. This can in-turn lead to a more meaningful client feedback.

Better Testing and Maintenance Features

With a tightly integrated architecture, the servers the practical breakdown capacity and balance could be more accurately calculated. It leads to better resource allotment and management strategies. It also allows the developers to detect the bugs at earliest, leading to more effective solutions. It also saves your time and energy by requiring to allocate only less time towards the hosting requirements.

Better Security Assurance and Features

The most common chinks for security threats are un-updated plug-ins and outdated CMS features. With more customization and monitoring any in-natural behavior for your websites can be instantly identified and solved.  Only one-provider hosting provider gives you this opportunity.

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